Breadboard Guide Cards

The BreadBro Learning System uses small cards, about the size of a business card, that are placed on top of a breadboard. These cards contain graphic placement guides and punched holes, helping beginners learn how to use a breadboard and how to design and build electric circuits. These cards are provided with BreadBro Kits - but they're also free online if you want to make your own!



Although you can print a guide card on standard typing paper, you may want to use something more durable. You'll also need a 1/8" hole punch.

  1. Print out a guide card sheet.
  2. Cut out each guide card along its border.
  3. On the guide card, you'll see several colored circles. Using your hole punch, punch out each circle.
  4. Place the guide card over any breadboard or BreadBro and start building!


  • You can use self-adhesive paper and a cereal box (or similar) to make your own sturdier cards. Print on the self adhesive paper, stick to cardboard, and then cut out each card.
  • You can use packaging or other clear tape to increase the durability of your cards. After you've printed your cards, place tape over them before punching the holes.
  • Paper cutters and lamination machines are your friends! All schools are 100% free to use the breadboard guide cards. Build thousands of them!