Building BreadBro

It's been a busy few weeks here in Austin. We've got a ton of updates, but bottom line, we're right on schedule!

Everything we need to build BreadBro has been ordered. PCBs, Batteries, Breadboards and Rubber Feet - Your BreadBro is in our shop!


We're a small startup with a lot of orders to fill. During the prototyping phase, assembling a BreadBro by hand took about five hours. In order to meet our Kickstarter demands, we've got to improve our assembly time - and as of today, we've done it!

Meet the Controleo 2 Reflow oven, another Open-Source Hardware project funded on Kickstarter. The Controleo Oven Kit allow you to convert a standard, household toaster oven into a Solder Reflow Oven.

Using the Controleo 2, we're able to produce up to five BreadBros per hour! 

BreadBro Development Boards - without kits - will be shipping in antistatic resealable bags packed in padded plastic mailers.

For the starter kits, we wanted to have a packaging style that's not simply a container to get the kit to you, but rather a solution to store your BreadBro kit and other OSHW accesories long-term. We're going with cubical 4" cardboard mailers - they've got room for BreadBro, the Starter Kit, Components, and more.