Crowdfunding Successful!

Thanks to all our backers and the many people who have expressed their support, BreadBro's Kickstarter Campaign has successfully funded! After our first week, we've reached 340% of our goal. We couldn't have done it without you!

As we move forward, we'll be taking you along as we begin the process of building BreadBro. One big change will be converting our workshop from one optimized for prototyping to one optimized for volume production. We're going to be using a highly modified, human-operated pick and place apparatus for manual assembly right here in Texas.

We'll also be incrementally launching the rest of the BreadBro Family of Products over the next six months to a year. Some you've already heard of, like BreadBro Mini and BreadBro Mega, and some we've only teased at, like BreadBeast. Our hope is to have one of the most unique lines of Open Hardware products available by the holiday season.

Stay tuned! Big things are coming soon. Remember to share BreadBro's Kickstarter Campaign with your friends and colleagues. Early Bird Rewards are going quick - don't miss out!

Until next time,

Mark & Steven