Beta Testing Program, Part I

We're happy to announce that the first production run has been completed and for the very first time, BreadBro is in the wild!

One of the goals we set for the Beta program was to identify any problem areas in our production line before we officially begin making BreadBros for sale. In particular, we learned a lot about where the bottlenecks in our process might be hiding. We found plenty of issues - our Beta run ended up taking almost ten days longer than expected!

Some of the big takeaways from the Beta run include:

  1. The battery system, while working, is not as efficient as we'd like. We've decided to upgrade our step-up voltage regulator. Tests begin soon.
  2. Some stickers, labels, guide cards and other physical media are worthwhile to prepare locally. For others, it makes more sense to order custom-fabricated materials.
  3. Small volumes of BreadBros can be produced with no automation whatsoever.
  4. Humans can replace robots for a minimal increase in cost.
  5. Production will begin sooner than we thought.

Moving forward, we'll be doing some beta testing of our own, as well as reviewing the results of our testers. In the coming blog posts, you'll be getting a live play-by-play look at the creation of an Open Hardware product!