Feature Focus: LEDs

A normal Arduino includes four onboard LEDs: one for power, one each for USB transmit and receive, and one tied to pin 13.

At BreadBro, we believe that every human being on Earth loves it when stuff lights up! That's why we've equipped BreadBro with many LEDs. Some are functional - some are there just to look cool!

BreadBro's power LED takes the form of four white underbody LEDs, which illuminate the work area with a pleasing glow.

Instead of just one user-controlled LED, BreadBro provides four. Pins 13, 12, 11, and 10 each have an LED and resistor tied to them.

Why four LEDs? In addition to being awesome and pretty, four LEDs are actually a lot more useful than one. For example, you can use each of these four LEDs to indicate a milestone in your program, helping you find bugs. Perhaps you can use the four LEDs as a bar graph, indicating the value of a variable or the output of a sensor. You can even use these four LEDs to easily teach advanced concepts like binary arithmetic!

BreadBro is also equipped with TX, RX, and Charging LEDs.

If you don't need all the LEDs for a particular project, simply disable the LEDs of your choice by clearing a solder jumper. If you'd like to enable them again in the future, close the jumper.

In the next post, we'll talk about a very unique feature of BreadBro - its two USB ports!