Feature Focus: Breadboard Guide Cards

The BreadBro Learning System is designed to teach the fundamentals of electronic design and computer programming. In order to do that without overwhelming students and novices, we've developed a learning aid for breadboards: Breadboard Guide Cards.

In each of the 20 STEM projects included in a BreadBro kit, you'll find a small Breadboard Guide Card. Once placed on top of the breadboard, this card aids in placing components in both simple and complex circuits.

Each card has a graphic placement guide on the front and a hardware troubleshooting guide on the back. 

ALL of the Breadboard Guide Cards will be available free for download and printing, as well as purchase on high-quality cardstock. Here's just a few of the projects we're working on:

  • First Circuit : Resistor and an LED
  • LEDs in Series
  • LEDs in Parallel
  • Blinking an LED with a 555 timer
  • Blinking an LED with Arduino
  • Logic Gates
  • Binary Math

BreadBro Breadboard Guide Cards make it easy to create your first circuits on a breadboard confidently.