Feature Focus: Power Supply

BreadBro provides a standard, Arduino-compatible ATMEGA328P Development board. Unlike an Arduino, though, BreadBro comes with some very handy power supply modifications.

First and foremost, one of the most important "Best Practices" in electronic design is to only make hardware changes with the power off. In a traditional Breadboard-and-Arduino setup, you must disconnect the USB connector in order to disable the power. 

BreadBro provides a power switch, allowing you to shut off the entire power bus of the device easily, without having to disconnect anything. This power switch is rated at 500 mA, the same rating as the resetable fuse - any project that can be powered through the 5V or 3.3V pins can be safely controlled with this switch.


BreadBro's innovative power supply isn't just a switch, though. We also included a mobile power supply - a Lithium Polymer battery, a charge control circuit, a step-up voltage regulator circuit, and a battery enable/disable switch. Using this mobile power supply, your projects can break free from USB cables out of the box.

If you need more power, no problem - any 3.7V LiPo with a JST connector will work, allowing for extended cordless operation.

Don't need a battery? Switch the battery enable switch off and all battery-related circuitry is isolated.

In the next post we'll cover another feature of BreadBro - its unique form factor!