BreadBro is a development board specifically designed for STEM Educators and Aspiring Makers.


It's compatible with the Arduino IDE software and Scratch graphical programming language, so anyone new to programming will have no problem learning the basics. BreadBro also includes a critical electrical engineering tool – a solderless breadboard - for building prototype circuits easily and safely. 

We decided to combine the utility of the solderless breadboard and the resources of the Arduino community in a single platform. We went through many iterations before we realized that the key was not to simply pair the Arduino and breadboard on a mount – it was to merge them into a integrated platform. These early efforts led us to the design that you see today in BreadBro. By removing one of the power buses on the solderless breadboard, the breadboard can be mounted between two rows of header pins in an Arduino Uno R3 layout, preserving the ability to use shields.